Vocal Quest Stage 4 - english

Vocal Quest Stage 4 - english

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Learn to sing with Vocal Quest:

The journey through your Vocal Quest continues. In Vocal Quest Stage 4, many exciting missions await you, in which you will get to know your voice even better and improve your musical skills. Level by level, vocal coaches Ronja Petersen and Tanja Kührer will bring you closer to your goal as a singer. You will gain more control over your vocal registers and practice your articulation. You will also learn more about voice anatomy and train your ear. For a strong stage presence, you will practice performance, improve your improvisation skills, and discover how to interpret songs your own unique style.

Many small successes lead you to your goal

Learning to sing with fun, staying motivated - in the fourth volume of the Vocal Quest the joy of singing is the main focus. You will learn through many small missions, many small successes, which step by step will bring you closer to your musical goal as a singer.

Suitable for learning at home and for singing lessons

The Vocal Quest books are designed to help you learn to sing at home easily and independently. The individual lessons are structured in small steps so that they can be followed and practiced without the guidance of a singing teacher. The bonus material brings variety to self-guided learning and rounds off this special concept. The exercises of Vocal Quest can also be used effectively in lessons and for learning in a group.

Author: Ronja Peterson

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