Vocal Quest Stage 3 - english

Vocal Quest Stage 3 - english

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Are you ready for your next step towards the stage? Vocal Quest Stage 3 is your perfect companion for your growth as a singer. Vocal coaches Ronja Petersen and Tanja Kührer will help you to develop your voice and let it sound with full power. Improve your breathing technique to sing more efficiently. Gain more resonance and strength and get to know your vocal registers. Get ready for the stage, learn to use the microphone, and bring your songs to life with even more dynamics.

Learning to sing mission by mission
Learning with fun, learning with motivation, learning through many small missions, many small successes: that's Vocal Quest. The Vocal Quest vocal school is structured like a computer game. You work your way forward level by level. Playfully, you will learn theory and practice with fun and with your favorite songs. Reach your goal with unbroken motivation.

Alone, in a group or in class
Vocal Quest offers you multimedia and systematic learning - in class with your singing teacher or at home. Alone or with other singers. The unique Vocal Quest concept allows you to organize your learning units independently, to easily understand the theory, and to practice by yourself.

Author: Ronja Peterson

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