Vocal Quest Stage 1 - english

Vocal Quest Stage 1 - english

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Learn to sing with Vocal Quest: Come along on a journey through the world of music. Immerse yourself in the world of singing. Vocal Quest Stage 1 is your companion and helps you discover and develop your voice step by step. You will get to know your voice as an instrument and understand how to warm-up and care for it. You will sing your favorite songs with more joy, more power, and more passion. Vocal Coach Ronja Petersen will guide you through ten levels with lots of missions to gain more and more confidence. In Stage 1, you will build a solid foundation for your singing, and you will start to develop your sound and style.

Learning how to sing with many small successes
The voice training in Vocal Quest is structured like a computer game. You will be challenged by many small tasks that build on each other. Mission by mission, level by level you progress. From the very beginning, you will be singing your favorite songs. The extensive bonus material offers something for every taste of music: from chart hits to your favorite rock songs.

For singing lessons and use at home
The multimedia concept of the Vocal Quest and the systematic structure of the voice training make this textbook suitable for singing lessons as well as for learning to sing alone or with friends. Vocal instructors will find a complete concept for their lessons or can use the book with its varied exercises as a supplement. However, because of the small-step structure, you can easily understand and implement the theory and practice by yourself.

The exercises and concept of Vocal Quest are based on the extensive knowledge and experience of the author Ronja Petersen as a singer and vocal instructor.

Author: Ronja Petersen

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