Guitar Quest Stage 3 - english

Guitar Quest Stage 3 - english

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Are you ready for Stage 3? You're gradually leaving beginner status behind. Guitar Quest Stage 3 expands your skills and knowledge from Stages 1 and 2, deepens your practice and takes you into new dimensions of guitar playing. Mission by mission, level by level, you'll continue to rise. The third book in the Guitar Quest series is also suitable for learning alone, in a group or with a guitar teacher.


In Stage 3 you leave the first layer and climb the entire finger board. With power chords and pentatonics, you'll dive into blues and rock 'n' roll. Besides technique and know-how you learn how to develop your own sound.


Step by step to success


Learn to play the guitar easily? This is double possible with the Quest textbook series. The books are structured like a computer game. Many small challenges and achievements will bring you to your goal. With this, you learn theory and practice in a playful way. In addition, you can play your favorite songs on the guitar right from the start. Rock, pop, jazz - the extensive bonus material offers something for every taste.


In guitar lessons or at home


With the Guitar Quest you learn multimedia and systematically - in class with your guitar teacher or at home. Alone or with friends. You will be able to divide the lessons independently and easily understand them due to the well thought-out structure of the book and the comprehensible explanations.

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