Guitar Quest Stage 2 - english

Guitar Quest Stage 2 - english

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The beginning is done. The journey continues. With Guitar Quest Stage 2, new challenges and more exciting tasks await you. Using the proven Quest method, you'll quickly learn your favorite songs on the guitar and improve step by step - alone, with friends or a guitar teacher at your side.


With Guitar Quest Stage 2 you'll become a master of the rhythmic guitar. You'll get to know even more open chords and use them with sophisticated rhythm patterns. You really rock with power chords. You also open up the complete first layer for solo playing. Besides important finger tricks you will also get to know the major and minor scales.


With small steps to success

The guitar textbook is built like a computer game. Many small tasks and challenges will lead you to your success. Mission by mission, level by level, you work your way forward. The bonus material offers you a wide selection of songs so that you can learn your favorite pieces on the guitar from the very beginning. Rock, pop, chart hits, there's something for every taste, every style.


In self-study or in class

The Quest books are suitable for guitar lessons and independent learning at home. With the bonus material, the books offer a multimedia concept that can be used completely or as a varied supplement in class. At home, with the help of the Quest Books, you can learn to play the guitar from the basics to achieving your musical goal, alone or with friends. Due to many small steps and tasks that build on each other, you can easily understand the theory and practice of guitar playing on your own.

Author: Jörg Jungbluth

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