Guitar Quest Stage 1 - english

Guitar Quest Stage 1 - english

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Be a hero and dive into the universe of music. We accompany you with our special guitar book on your personal guitar quest and help you master missions and levels successfully. With each new challenge you broaden your musical horizon and develop into a true master of the guitar.

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Learn to play the guitar with fun and ease: Guitar Quest Stage 1 Guitar Book teaches you from the beginning to accompany your favorite rock and pop songs with the most important open chords and to play your first solo melodies and guitar riffs. Theory, hearing and technique - with this guitar school you'll learn to use the basics of guitar playing to get closer to your goals as a musician.


Learn to play the guitar easily with many small achievements

This guitar learning book is structured like a computer game. You will be challenged again and again by many small, successive tasks. Mission after mission, level after level, it goes on. You play your favorite songs right from the start. The extensive bonus material offers something for every taste, whether you prefer to learn the hits from the charts or play your favorite rock songs.


For guitar lessons and at home

The multimedia concept of Guitar Quest and the systematic structure of the book make it suitable for guitar lessons as well as for learning to play the guitar alone or with friends. Guitar teachers will find a complete concept for their lessons or can use the book with its varied exercises as a supplement. Students can easily understand theory and practice on their own due to the small step structure.

The exercises and the structure of the book are based on knowledge and experience.

Author: Jörg Jungbluth

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