Drum Quest Stage 2 - english

Drum Quest Stage 2 - english

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Drum Quest Stage 2: The drum school for beginners. Learn to play the drums easily. Drums book song book with bonus material (DEU). 


Product description:

GET READY FOR STAGE 2! Exciting new missions, more exciting grooves and powerful fills await you on the next stage of your journey to becoming a master drummer. With sixteenth notes and creative accent patterns, you will develop completely new ideas. Take your technique to the next level in order to develop your own style. Each mission takes you further. Each level makes you better. Each page contains new challenges. We look forward to welcoming you to Stage 2!


Learn The Drums - Level By Level, Step By Step


A drum book that works like a computer game and is just as fun? The Drum Quest series brings you closer to your goal, mission by mission, level by level, step by step. The multimedia learning in small stages and many small success experiences keep the learning fun and the motivation going. And it also ensures that theory and practice can be easily comprehended independently.


Learning in Drum Lessons or At Home


Drum Quest, with its special concept of small steps, alternating theory and practice, easy-to-understand explanations and motivating exercises, is suitable for all those who want to teach themselves to play the drums alone at home or with friends.

For drum teachers, Drum Quest offers a well thought-out concept for their lessons. Individual parts and exercises from the book can also complement drum lessons and make them more diverse.


The authors of the book are professionals on the drums and in teaching. Their experience as drummers and drum teachers, their extensive skills and knowledge are also reflected in Drum Quest Stage 2.

Authors: Andi Rohde, Stephan Zender

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