Drum Quest Stage 1 - english

Drum Quest Stage 1 - english

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With the purchase of this book you will receive a free download link with audio samples or jam tracks.

ARE YOU READY FOR STAGE 1? Discover the universe of music with the Drum Quest book. Come along on a journey that will change your life and make you a master of the drums. You will  learn to play your own favorite songs and develop your own style and sound.


Learn To Play The Drums Easily


Welcome to Drum Quest - Stage 1, where you are about to dive into the universe of music. On your journey through Stage 1, you will get better and better, step by step; with every mission you complete, with every page you turn, and with every level you master. Use your motivation and let's get started right after a short introduction.

The extensive bonus material also helps you play your favorite songs on the drums right from the start.

Suitable For Classroom And Home Use

The multimedia concept of the Drum Quest series and the systematic structure of the book ensure that you can use it to teach yourself to play the drums at home as well as in the classroom. Drum teachers will either find a holistic concept for their lessons or they can use the book with its varied exercises as a supplement. The small-step structure of the theoretical and practical exercises makes it easy for students to follow each step independently.

The exercises and the structure of the book are based on skill, knowledge and a lot of practical experience.

Authors: Andi Rohde, Stephan Zender, Stefan Mühlenkamp

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