Basic Drums - english

Basic Drums - english

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With the purchase of this book you will receive a free download link with audio samples or jam tracks.

BASIC DRUMS is the new text book to learn the drums. With this book, beginners of any age can actively make music from the get-go. And with real live-band accompaniment, too! More than 100 exercises and musical pieces will teach you everything about your instrument that matters – in small steps that are easy to understand and fun.

BASIC DRUMS puts emphasis where learners need it:

  • Practical exercises and songs for grooves, fill-ins and playing in a band
  • Assistance to help develop a solid and variable playing technique
  • Fundamental training for all musical styles
  • Developing knowledge of sheet music and an ear for music itself
  • Sensible song recommendations for every concept

Author: Ralf Gottlieb

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